The launch package is for a company introducing new tech products to the Indian market. AvGarde Systems help lay the foundation for the product by ensuring the following:

In depth market research on the targeted market segment
Create opportunity pipeline through technical field sales
Viability check of the product in the Indian market
Establish strong sales channel/ distribution link by identifying the right partner for you
Initial projection and forecasting of how the sales channel should be executed We basically tell which kind of companies to target and how to target to get an initial traction. So we initially suggest a few techniques to handle the business
When a partner is onboard we provide the technical knowledge transfer to the partner
In-house technical consultants/domain experts to serve to a request of the demo, PoC and solve problem statements
In house business consultants for solving business queries with due reference to the Indian scenario
Backed up by a webcasting enabling the promotional platform


AvGarde Systems’ expansive corporate-academic network offers an ideal platform to promote tech products within the expanding Indian marketplace. If your company has launched a successful product and seeks to market it in India, the ‘Promo’ package is right for you. Here is what makes the ‘Promo’ unique in the field:

As part of the Promo package, we will create an online ensemble of technocrats viable for the product under consideration
We will demonstrate the core technology of the products and a strong case study
For optimum crowd engagement, we will organize tech contests and hackathons on our platform. Attractive rewards and remuneration will ensure engagement expansion and retention
Virtual Labs will be used to connect the product online, for prospective users to get a hands-on experience—further expanding direct public engagement
We will facilitate presales marketing lead generation via wide social media coverage